Literary Map of NYC Launched!


I am proud to announce the launch of “Literary Map of NYC”.

New York City is a magical place for me. When I moved to NYC in May 2000, I was thrilled to walk on the streets of Paul Auster’s “City of Glass” or Jay McInerney’s “Bright Lights, Big City”. Although it was my first time in NYC, in my mind, I already knew the city through the books I had read in my home country, Japan. I remember walking around the city overlaying my imaginary city on the real city of New York.

After 14 years of living in the city, my imaginary city has been, of course, transformed. It was disillusioned and shattered by my own experiences as a New Yorker. It is true that it was gradually overwritten with the reality of everyday life. However, the books that set in New York still have a special place in my heart. As I knew more about the city, I came to realize how location plays an important role in literature. It sets a tone, conveys an emotion and connects the reader to the text. A place tells its story, and a story tells about a place. It is this interconnection between literature and geographical location that I now want to explore with “Literary Map of NYC”.

New York City is one of the literary capitals in the world. As an inspiration for many writers, the city has been and will always be depicted in literature. There are many literary passages that express the vibes, the history and the life of New York. I believe that every corner in NYC has a story. Our mission at “Literary Map of NYC” is to archive NYC locations in literature and places them on an interactive map. I hope our project can help you further understand literary texts and locations around you.

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